Automation and robotics

Some examples of machinery in various sectors:

In-line plants for:

Electronic circuit assembly - Transformer welding and testing - Pipe forming and testing - Extractor assembly - Motor chain assembly - Trolley assembly for conveyors - Moving and handling – Conveyor assembly.

Pesatura con imballaggio fibre cemento

Weighing with cement fibre packaging

Champagne line

Wrapping  line

Plants on rotary tables for:

Automatic screwing - Electric terminal welding - Soft welding - Ultrasonic welding - Assembly of cables and terminals - Assembly of valves - Assembly of coils - Assembly of chains - Bending and shaping terminals - Faston insertion - Hot-bending of plastic material.

Inserting pipe fittings

Rotating table inserting terminals onto reels

Rotating table igniter testing

Automatic machines for:

Automatic loading and unloading - Instrument panel assembly - Conveyor assembly - Laser cutting - Flange stacking - Marking and labelling - Press-fitting and riveting - Thermostat calibration - Igniting testing - Switch testing- Solenoid valve testing - Transducer testing - Valve seal testing - Tube seal testing.

Pin Selection

Rotating table igniting test

Locking test

Equipment such as:

Hoppers – Loaders – Elevators – Grippers – Robotic clamps – Vacuum technology.

Plate loading Robots

Linear welding head

Frame welding machine

Transfer loading

Work tops

Pivot loading

Filter shaping and welding machine

Tube cutting machine

Bushings manufacturing plant

Robots for:

Handling - Machine Tool Assembling - Loading and unloading moulding machines - Assembling - Cleaning - Palletizing – Panel nailing - Stacking - Work stations